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Are your items Kosher?

All chicken, vegetable, and egg dishes, as well as our boba could be considered Kosher. Our Beef is a sirloin cut, which is not considered the Kosher portion of the cow. Our boba is made with coconut milk or dairy free creamer and the pearls are tapioca, not gelatin. We do not use any dairy in anything other than the crab rangoons, which aren't considered Kosher. So, there is no mixing of dairy and meat in prep or finished product of any of our entrees. Depending on your practices, tofu may or may not be considered Kosher for you. If you practice an Ashkenazic tradition, our cuisines contain rice and soy, which would not be Kosher for you. 

**Note: Since most of our ingredients are fresh foods/vegetables, not all items have been certified/stamped as Kosher. This data is being given based off definitions of known Kosher inclusivity and exclusions, as well as what smaller amounts of pre-packaged products we do have.